On the last day of  the 2015 legislative session, the largest tax increase in Nevada’s state history was passed by the Senate in an 18-3 vote. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval  was pleased to announce the passage of the tax plan, which will bolster public education by more than a billion dollars.

Part of the increases include entity renewals with the Secretary of State. Effective July 1, 2015 all Nevada entities will pay an increased Annual List fee of $25.  In addition, Corporations have an increase of $300 for the state license fee.

Previously the minimum Corporation renewal fee was $325 ($125 for  Annual List of Officers and $200 for the state business license).  All Corporations will now pay $325 more per year in Nevada., bringing the minimum renewal fee to $650.  Any Nevada entities that are due in July and August may renew by June 30th to avoid the fee increase.

See the Nevada Secretary of State news release of 6/12/15 for verification.  https://nvsos.gov/index.aspx?recordid=1823&page=23

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