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Winter Promotions

Winter Promotions


December is THE busiest time of year for new entity filings. Don’t miss out on our winter promotions.

OPTION 1: $50 OFF new Wyoming Corporation or LLC Package (excluding Basic Pkg) plus FREE Record Keeping Forms on flash drive ($99 value).    TOTAL SAVINGS: $149


OPTION 2: FREE Expedite Service ($50 value) with our Wyoming Starter Package (new entity w/mail forwarding). Includes FREE Record Keeping Forms on flash drive ($99 value).  TOTAL SAVINGS: $149

EXPIRES 1/31/2019


What’s Next After You Incorporate?

What’s Next After You Incorporate?

If you just incorporated in Wyoming, or are doing some preliminary research, below are some helpful links to guide you. We encourage you to call us at any time if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

Videos regarding obtaining an EIN, Banking, Taxes, etc.

Why Did You Incorporate- for Asset Protection, Tax Savings or both? 

The number one reason people incorporate is for asset protection. However, nearly 60% of businesses are in jeopardy of having their
corporate veil pierced because they do not have a Corporate Record Book and are not maintaining corporate records. Read about how this can effect your business.

Establishing a Presence and Building Your Business

We understand the importance of asset protection and putting your money to work for you. Read about our Executive Suite Program, which will help you establish a Wyoming presence and how we can help you build your business with sales support.

1099 vs. W2- What  You Need to Know

Tax Benefits of a Medical Reimbursement Plan

Your Corporation can provide you with many benefits. One that is often overlooked is a Medical Reimbursement Plan.

Special Permits for your Wyoming Entity

Some frequently asked questions regarding permits, tax requirements, etc.


Elite Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Internal Revenue Service

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

U.S. Social Security Administration

Government Services Administration

Disclaimer: AAA Corporate Services, Inc. are not attorneys or accountants and we do not offer legal or accounting advice. If you need legal or accounting advice, you should contact an attorney or accountant. We do work with attorneys and accountants all over the U.S. If you would like for us to refer you to someone, please contact our office.

#1 For the 5th Year in a Row for Wyoming

#1 For the 5th Year in a Row for Wyoming

In case you missed it, for the fifth year in a row Wyoming grabbed the top spot as the best place to do business according to the Tax Foundation’s 2017 State Business Climate Index.

According to a recent article by the Wyoming Business Council, “The Tax Foundation analyzes over 100 tax variables to determine a state’s ranking. ”

Some of the reasons Wyoming received this ranking are:

  • No corporate or individual tax
  • A pro-business climate
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Low regulatory burden


To view our package options, use the links below:

Wyoming LLC 

Wyoming Corporation 

As you’ll notice we also offer services to help establish a presence in Wyoming. If you’re ready to fully launch your business in Wyoming and would like to have our staff assist with fielding calls, handling your mail, etc., we recommend that you look at our Platinum Package.

For a description of our services CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (800) 891-5987 or (307) 635-8700.

Wyoming Moving Forward With Online Filings

Wyoming Moving Forward With Online Filings

Wyoming is moving forward with online filings, starting with reinstatements. When an entity is dissolved/revoked for failure to file the annual report and has no other delinquencies and wants to reinstate within 2 years, may now do so online.  This is great news for those who forget to file the annual report in a timely matter.

For foreign or out of state entities this is especially significant. In the past if a foreign entity was revoked it would have been required to re-file. AND the $5000 penalty (that could have been applied for doing business when revoked) now only applies to entities that have never filed and are found to be doing business in Wyoming.

Spring 2016 will bring online filing of Articles. The Secretary of State has no details yet on how that will be executed. As a Wyoming registered agent these changes are very important. Look for updates in our newsletters, or contact our office.

We do our very best to remind our clients about filing Annual Reports so as to not be administratively dissolved. It’s important to keep your contact information updated with us at all times so that we may reach you.

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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