Get Informed! What To Do After You Incorporate:

We have provided videos designed to answer some common questions about what to do after you incorporate. We hope you find the information helpful.

Step 1: Obtain an EIN

Every corporation or LLC (other than a single-member LLC) must have an EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER – also known as an EIN. An EIN is like a Social Security Number for your entity. This number gives the entity its own ID to keep it separate from individuals.

Step 2: Bank Account

CAN I USE AAA CORPORATE SERVICES\’ ADDRESS ON THE ACCOUNT? Your entity MUST be a Wyoming entity and it MUST be enrolled in either our Business Address Service/Mail Forwarding or one of our several Office Suite Services (phone, fax and mail forwarding, voicemail, etc.) in order for you to use our address on the account.

Step 3: Licenses and Permits

WHAT LICENSES ARE REQUIRED FOR MY BUSINESS? License requirements will vary depending on where the business is registered, the type of business, as well as by city, county and state requirements. The time it takes for them to be issued with also vary. For specific information regarding Wyoming licenses and permits, you should contact the Wyoming Business Council. There is a list of “frequently asked questions” that will refer you to the proper agency– either state, county or city clerk\’s office.

Step 4: Tax Issues

DO I HAVE TO FILE A TAX RETURN IN WYOMING? Since there is NO STATE INCOME TAX in Wyoming, you are not required to file a state income tax return. However, if you sell tangible goods in the state of Wyoming, you are required to file a Sales and Use Tax Report with the Wyoming Department of Revenue. Visit their web site at

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