Why Wyoming

Why Oh Why Wyoming?

We believe Wyoming is the most business-friendly state in America. The Secretary of State’s office will complete most filings within 5 business days making it fast and easy. With all these advantages why go anywhere else?

ONE PERSON CAN FILL THE POSITIONS of all officers and directors. Officers are not liable for debts of the corporation as long as they acted legally and in good faith. Officers and Directors do not need to live in Wyoming or even in the U.S.

STOCKHOLDERS NAMES ARE NOT FILED with the state of Wyoming. That is private information. The stockholders are the true owners of any corporation and they are also protected from debts of the corporation.

LOW FILING FEES WITH UNLIMITED SHARES! Wyoming allows any number of shares of stock and the filing fee remains the same. Important because in some states the filing fees are based on the amount of stock the corporation is allowed to issue.

HOME OF THE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. A unique entity that protects members from personal liability but taxed liked a Limited Partnership. Members can remain anonymous providing privacy.

DOMESTICATION MOVES YOUR CORPORATION TO WYOMING. By filing a few simple forms the corporation or LLC will become a Wyoming entity. It will maintain its original file date, EIN# and longevity, savings hundreds of dollars in future corporate state fees. Our Domestication Service makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of being incorporated in Wyoming. LOW ANNUAL FEES are based on corporate assets located only within Wyoming. The minimum is $50 or $200 per million.

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